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This Thread Of People With Sopranos Tattoos Is Wild

One of my favorite accounts on Twitter these days is Sopranos Out Of Context. Brings back some great memories of random moments in Sopranos history:

It's a great follow for any Sopranos fans out there. 

I am a big Sopranos fan. Have watched it through a few times now. Would I ever get a Soprano tattoo? No, but that's because I'm not a tattoo guy. If I was? Maybe I would have a few tattoos's like the ones in this thread:

I did a double take on this one. Getting a tattoo of Uncle June is a wild, wild move. 

AJ's failed attempt at suicide? Another bizarre tattoo. Maybe there's some deeper meaning here about teen angst, but I'm putting this one down as weird.

This is another one I could've never predicted. I wonder how you come up with the idea of "I'm going to get Carmella's hands tattoed on me."

Shout out Big Pussy!

Never thought there were so many Soprano's tattoos out in the wild, but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.