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What Does Mark Ingram Think of His Viral Picture With Derrick Henry? The RB and Cameron Jordan Discuss on Pardon My Take

To send you into another FOOTBALL weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on Mark Ingram of the Baltimore Ravens and Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter talked to the duo about their new podcast, "Truss Levelz," and much more. But Mr. Cat had to ask Ingram about a picture that went viral across social media a couple of years ago: the one and only coin toss picture next to Derrick Henry before the National Championship Game...

Mr. Cat: How mad do you get every time they post the Derrick Henry-Mark Ingram picture, and can you explain why you look so small?

Mark Ingram: Bro, that shit is so lame, bro. They literally screwed me on all levels. For one, the dude is a 6-4, 250 pound running back [inaudible] and they put the camera closer to him, I'm further away. So, I'm already shorter and then you let the camera adjustment angles trick you to make me look shorter than I actually am. I'm not 5-1, shit, that's what it makes you look like, 4-11, but no, he's just a big dude, man. I mean, shit, I'm 5-10, he's 6-4, I mean, what is it supposed to look like?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, I mean, it's an all-time picture, and I agree, you post that, you're lame. Whatever, that's not Big Truss.  

Mark Ingram: That's Weak Truss. 

Cameron Jordan: No Truss!

Mr. Commenter: Verbal meme - Mark Ingram, Weak Truss, Derrick Henry, Big Truss. 

Mr. Cat: Oooohhhh, we wouldn't post.

Mark Ingram: Oh, Lord, Jesus. Y'all going to make me... where y'all at? That's messed up. I don't really like that, I'm not really 'bout that, for real.

Poor Ingram. I mean, you and I would look like an ant standing shoulder to shoulder with Derrick bleeping Henry. That man is just a monster. They call him "Tractorcito" for a reason. I'm just glad Ingram didn't call out Mr. Cat for calling his Ravens frauds earlier this week on Pardon My Take. That could have gotten interesting!