Find Me a Less Enjoyable Experience Than Trying to Watch a Postseason Baseball Game With Smitty Right Next to You

All I wanted to do was watch the Atlanta Braves close out the Cincinnati Reds in peace, or with some good friends who also just wanted to enjoy some Postseason baseball. What I got instead was a viewing experience from Hell.

First, I picked up food for Smitty when I went to get my lunch — with the promise I'd be paid back — because I'm a nice guy. And what do I get in return? Non-stop antics. Because Smitty is a big antics guy. He's a continuous gimmick.

And then, as if having this guy next to you yapping for nine innings isn't enough, I leave the room for 30 seconds to get some water and this asshole hides my phone.

It was eventually found carefully hidden under napkins after an exhaustive search. We all know exactly how it got there, despite Adam's insistence that he "didn't have it."

But the greatest revenge is victory, which the Atlanta Braves and myself both achieved today. We're on to the NLDS.