Damian Lillard Burying Lakers Fans On Twitter Will Never Get Old

It's the time of year where you're going to start to see NBA players put out workout videos if they aren't currently playing in the NBA Finals. It happens every year and is basically life in 2020. If you don't record yourself working out are you even getting better? So this video of Dame came out of him doing some boxing and lifting and I have to say I'm exhausted just watching it. No big deal right? Like no shit Dame trains in the offseason.

Well here's the thing. You can always rely on Lakers fans to make a fool of themselves. For some reason they came at Dame for working out? So weird. The beauty of all this is Lillard has all the time in the world on his hands which he has shown he will promptly use to bury you on Twitter. This is the positive side of 2020. You want to talk shit to an athlete on Twitter, be prepared for them to punch back. What I love is Dame doesn't use a burner like Durant. He talks shit whether it's to a random on Twitter or a fellow player. Remember this from a few weeks ago?

Good stuff. So back to this video. Of course what appears to be a Lakers fan couldn't help himself and tried to take a dig at Lillard for some reason.

What a weird thing to say, mostly because there's no chance this dude has any idea what Dame does in his offseason. Dame could have just ignored it, but I'm glad he didn't

Well this was like throwing chum in the water. Within minutes here came Lakers Twitter in an effort to try seriously clown Damian Lillard

It's almost as if Lakers fans forget anything existed before this season. I get it, they are in the Finals and are well on their way to winning a championship, but no Lakers fan should be trolling Damian Lillard for being an 8 seed. Have some self awareness. I would even argue Dame could have gone one step further. Lakers were still a lottery team even with LeBron. It wasn't until they got Anthony Davis that they turned into this powerhouse. 

Knowing he was stuffed in a locker, we had ourselves a sad response here by this Lakers fan

Man is that sad. You get dunked on and go with the "I'm not on the team" response. That's tough. You wanted to talk shit, got called out on it for the world to spin and then tried to spin it in the saddest way possible. You have to just take the L there. I will say this was a Grade A tweet from this Steve Barnhart fella

The best part about this is you know Nico is probably a normal fan who will say "we" when talking about the Lakers. I see nothing wrong with that by the way. If you're invested in a team you can say "we". People who are hardos about that are weird. But when he got shoved in a locker all the sudden he's not part of the Lakers so it's not on him. 

I just find it funny to come at Dame like this when he is very clearly a top 5 point guard in the NBA right now. Probably higher if you wanted to make a case for it. Not only that, he was INSANE in the bubble before getting hurt

So just know that if you think you can go on Twitter and take shots at Dame he will 100% respond and bury you online. I'm so happy this is now a thing we get to experience in our lives. Twitter can be a brutal place for a million different reasons, but this is something I will always enjoy.