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Central PA Family Threatens Lawsuit Because Graduation Dress Letter References Women And "Sausage Rolls"

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Central PA – One family is threatening to sue an entire school district for sexual harassment because of a graduation dress code. Bri Burtop is a senior at Biglerville High School in Adams County, Pennsylvania. She and her mother are furious at a letter sent home with students urging them to choose modest attire for commencement. They were particularly offended by two sentences. “They also said that they don’t want to be looking at our sausage rolls. And as you get dressed you should remember you can’t put ten pounds of mud into a five pound bag,” Burtop said. The Burtops say that section was directed at the female students and the boys’ section didn’t contain any specific instructions. School officials said the issue is being addressed and the letter does not reflect the standards of the Upper Adams School District.

Wait, why the hell is this skinny betch so offended? If there’s anyone that should be upset it’s someone who is actually affected by “Fat Shaming”. I’m talking about a gal who squeezes into yoga pants and has to pay royalties to the Michelin Man. It’s only fair. A skinny girl can’t speak on behalf of the fatties and reap the benefits. You need to have someone who has fought in the trenches. But it’s a damn shame a hardworking secretary is gonna get fired because a poor woman’s feminist and her Mama decided to get noble for no reason. 2015 sucks.

PS – I’ve never heard the phrase “You can’t put 10 pounds of mud into a 5 pound bag”, but is so perfect it hurts. Half the bloggers on this damn site should take that to heart. Myself included.

h/t Marc