White Sox vs. A's "I Am Shitting My Pants But Eloy Is BACK" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

A's Lineup:

Sox Lineup: 

and then, the best video that's ever been created in the history of the internet: 

MOUNT UP SOX FANS!!!! Eloy Jimenez is BACK!!!!!

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HUGE news. It takes that bum Encarnacion out of the lineup (who's historically sucked against Fiers anyways) and puts in the Sox best all around hitter not named Abreu. HUGE news. Please god run into one. 

This is the first time since I was 20 years old that I've experienced playoff baseball. A lot of ya'll were fucking 10 or so years old in 2008. I'm old as fuck and turn 32 on the 30th and this is NOT healthy for my heart. Don't give a fuck though - I'll gladly sacrifice cardiovascular issues if that means the Sox advance today. Take 10, 20 years off my life, don't care. Just win. Fiers vs. Dunning and Co. is how the Sox are rolling:

Add Marshall to the list above too. There is NO EXCUSE not to shit all over that dirty snitch rat fuck Mike Fiers. I said it earlier, but the dude stinks. He's meat. Fucking pound him. That's not too much to ask for or even expect. As for Dunning? I love Dunning. Dude has a total cock sucker attitude on the mound, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. I mean the Sox had to suspend him when he was in the minors for drilling guys so much. He's fearless and I think he can rise to the occasion in a pressure filled situation today. 

Don't listen to what that ginger fuck Dallas Braden says: 

I am going to dance on his GRAVE if the Sox win today, which I think they do. Sox win 8-4, lock it up run it down. 

Oh and PS - Bob Melvin fucked up big time starting Montas on Sunday. Could/should have been him starting today, but a geriatric rat is instead. Hope this really comes back and bites him in the ass