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67-Year-Old Lady Ninja Beats the Bag Out of an Intruder with Martial Arts Skills

Source - Lorenza Marrujo says she plans to freshen up her martial arts skills.

“I’m getting rusty in places,” the 67-year-old Fontana resident said Wednesday.

That might have been good news then for 59-year-old Donald Robert Prestwood when police said he assaulted Marrujo’s 87-year-old neighbor on Monday, Sept. 28. Marrujo, who said she is a black belt, used the martial-arts training she learned long ago to subdue Prestwood, leaving him yelping in pain — even if Marrujo thought her technique could use improvement.

“I would have done more damage to him,” she said.

Prestwood was arrested on suspicion of elder abuse and was being held at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Marrujo ... trained in jujitsu from about 1981 to 2007.

She liked to train while listening to “Eye of the Tiger,” the Survivor song made popular in the movie Rocky III.

“I needed it in case I had a close encounter of the bad kind,” Marrujo said. “I prefer to be called Lady Ninja.” ...

She said Prestwood grabbed at her, prompting Marrujo to grab a neon-yellow Easton baseball bat.

“I said, ‘Back off or I will have to hurt you,’” she said.

Marrujo said Prestwood left and headed to the first-floor apartment of Elizabeth McCray. ...

Marrujo, 4-foot-11 and 100 pounds, said she was not afraid for herself but for her friend. So she swept her leg against the leg of Prestwood, listed in jail records as 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, to trip him.

She said he wound up on the floor beneath McCray, who uses a wheelchair, and Prestwood used his legs to hold McCray down.

“I had to bend his fingers back … to get him off her. He was screaming because that’s one of my techniques, the bent fingers. Then I went ‘boom’ with my elbow twice in his sternum,” Marrujo said, demonstrating a sharp, nasty jab.

Marrujo, for good measure, placed one knee on Prestwood’s chest and one on his neck and scrunched his mouth with her hand.

Mercifully for Prestwood, police arrived and handcuffed him.

Hey Donald Robert Prestwood, in the words of another great elder badass Walter Kowalski, ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have fucked with? That's Lorenza Marrujo. She'll blow a hole in your face with her neon-yellow Easton, then go inside and sleep like a baby. All afternoon. Until Judge Judy comes on.

Way to give gentlemen in their 50s a bad name, you young punk. Whippersnapper. With no respect for your elders. Lorenza didn't live through the Red Scare and Cuban Missile Crisis assassinations in the 60s and being college age during Vietnam and gas lines during the Energy Crisis just to get accosted by some young tough in her Social Security years. She's a warrior princess. A Golden Girl alright, but from Golden Gloves. A 4-foot-11, 100 pound ball of hate, estrogen and Prilosec OTC who is not afraid to fight above her weight class. And this imbecile chose to climb into her octagon, only to get a lesson in jujitsu lesson at the business end of her liver-spotted fists of fury. And with any luck, that story is going all the way around the prison yard as we speak. If so, Prestwood's life isn't worth a pack of smokes at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga right about now. 

I've said this before and it bears repeating now. If I have a "thing," call it an attraction, a proclivity or a fetish if you must, I'm drawn to strong, fearless women who kick ass. Xena. Buffy. Ripley. The Bride. Black Widow. And Lorenza Marrujo. And her loving "Eye of the Tiger," which is my favorite all time pump-up song, is just the cherry on the sundae. I'd ask her out just for the erotic privilege of watching her take down a perp armed with nothing but her training, her courage and some sporting goods. But I'm just not man enough for her. Somewhere there's a guy more deserving in Fontana, CA. And he's going to get himself a real keeper.