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I Refuse To Be Silent As Our Own Podcast 'Unnecessary Roughness' Tries To Create Unnecessary Drama And Storylines

I'm not going sit here and stay quiet. That's not who Dave raised me to be. I don't care if Unnecessary Roughness is one of our podcasts. I don't even care if it's the No. 1 college football podcast in the world that you can subscribe and listen to right here. No, I care about doing what's right and that's telling Unnecessary Roughness to shut the hell up about Joey Gatewood. I'm going to assume this is JackMac running social here, but I'm not putting it past Brandon Walker since UK plays Mississippi State next Saturday. It just means more in the SEC and that includes trying to start a quarterback controversy. 

Am I thrilled Joey Gatewood is eligible? Fuck yeah. I want him as a backup quarterback this year. He's a transfer from Auburn, who was a top-50 recruit and the No. 1 dual threat quarterback in the country. That's pretty fucking good! 

But my quarterback this year is Terry Wilson. If you disagree with that, get outta here. That's why I got a problem with Unnecessary Roughness. Wilson is 12-4 as a starter at Kentucky. 12-4 in football at Kentucky! That's even better than being the No. 1 dual threat quarterback as a recruit. Sure he shouldn't have thrown away a 2-point conversion at Auburn or dropped that fumble. I'll give him 50% of the blame on the INT in the end zone, but that play never should have happened. The thought of Joey Gatewood replacing Terry Wilson is asinine. Let Terry cook.