Watching The Presidential Debates With Japanese Translators Will Absolutely Give You A Stroke

Mother of god. First off, if you live in Japan, why in the world would you watch this shit? I’m American, invested in political topics, and enjoy following the ins and outs of the process. Watching that debate felt like a chore for even us and we have skin in the game.

If you’re Japanese and listening to the presidential debate version of the interrupting cow joke for 90 minutes AND need to listen to the unfortunate folks assigned to translate the utter gobbledegook they was spewed on stage, you need your head examined worse than the two candidates who clearly need their heads examined.

The only foreign language id be interested in hearing the translation of these debates would be the French. I bet I’d still wanna French kiss the translator right on the tits. (Get the shirt.)

Never mind. I just looked it up. You can barely understand it in French either.

To close, all Japanese citizens who watched the debates in this way were left saying しなければよかったと思ってる.

I agree.