I've Never Been One To Take A Bath, But This January Jones Video Is Quickly Turning Me Into A Bath Guy

[Page Six] - “I’m doing that because I feel like it’s going to be hydrating for my body,” Jones added, pouring in a dash of the drink and saving the rest to sip. “And I recently read about what Cleopatra would put in her baths. I just feel like, depending on who you’ve dated, it can’t be that much different, right?”

Talk about one of the all-time smokes in January Jones. She has me second guessing everything about my life. I'm a shower guy. Give me a nice scorching hot shower over a bath any day of the week. But after seeing this? Well I'm second guessing myself. You're telling me you can put beer in the bath, drink the beer and it's ... good for you? Toss in January Jones and that's the quickest sell for baths in bathing history. 

It's still wild that she's 42 and at the same time was in American Wedding. Sure, she might be known for her time in Mad Men, I like to think of her as the girl Stifler and Finch fought over. 

Now while you look at these pictures, I'm going to pour some Natty Light into a bath and get drunk, it's healthy apparently. 

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