BREAKING: This Week's Steelers-Titans Game Has Officially Been Moved To Later In The Season, Thus Ending Our Dreams Of Tuesday Night Football

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I knew once the Tuesday Night Football rumor hit the internet, we were all going to fall in love with the idea of it happening despite there being a better than good chance of it falling apart for a myriad of reasons and now it's gone. 

I will not apologize for dreaming about having four days of NFL football in Week 4 along with Tuesday night having a solid NFL game, a smattering of MLB playoffs matchups, and Game 4 of the NBA Finals because I honestly feel like we deserve it after all the shit 2020 has heaped onto our plate. Instead 2020 went 2020 on our asses yet again.

Here is a blogger's rendition of our chances of seeing Steelers-Titans on Tuesday night:

The other day I said the NFL schedule is a well constructed Jenga board that can collapse if the wrong blocks are pulled and bitch boy covid just pulled out the first piece.

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Sidenote: That was AWESOME

Luckily it looks like there is a relatively realistic fix made easier by fans not being allowed to buy tickets and attend games, if Roger Goodell decides to use logic for once in his life.

As for all the fantasy sites and rosters that have to figure out how the fuck to handle a bunch of players not playing their Week 4 game during Week 4 in a high contact sport where a team can look completely different weeks later due to injuries, I have two words for ya…

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