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Bad Things Continue To Happen In Philadelphia: The Union II Lose On This Circus Deflection In The 90th Minute

Okay so I just found out that the Union have a 2nd tier team, so I'm not totally sure if I'm counting them as an official Philly team just yet. But the fact that this happened at Subaru Park?

Tie game. 90th minute. Literally the only thing you have to do here to get a result is for the GK to not hit an opposing player with the ball when throwing it down field. And even if you do happen to accidentally throw it directly into an opposing player, you just have to hope they don't pull off a karate kick as the perfect moment to deflect the ball directly into the back of the net. Seems like you have a 99% chance of all those things working out for you. But bad things happen in Philadelphia (technically Chester). Just another one to add to the list. 

Oh and just for good measure, the Titans vs Steelers game is now postponed. Which means that the Steelers will have a bye week before hosting the Eagles in week 5. Love that for us.