Game One of the NBA Finals Was Less Than Ideal for the Miami Heat

Well, it's safe to say that could have gone a tad better. In its first trip back to the NBA Finals since 2014, the Miami Heat came out of the gate with a STATEMENT. 

But then, things went downhill quickly. Very quickly.


But to look at this situation glass half-full, there is a *chance* we can see this duo of Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic both back at some point this series.

Despite the butt-kicking the Heat took tonight, specifically in the second half, there is still plenty of hope. Of course, the first thing off the checklist is the health of Bam, Goran, and even Jimmy, who was banged up a little bit. If any of those injuries are longterm, it's obviously going to be a long shot for the Heatles to win this series. But there is nobody I trust more than Coach Spo in this situation. He, Pat Riley, and of course, Udonis Haslem, know how LeBron functions in the NBA Finals. 

For the Heat's sake, let's hope that #culture translates to some good news on the health end before we reach Game 2 on Friday night. As discussed on Pardon My Take, we are now an official Heat podcast for the duration of this series. Long way to go!