This Is Both The Most Ridiculous Play In The History Of Soccer And The Dumbest Goalie To Ever Play The Sport

Ah, jogo bonito at its finest here. Just a beautiful display of complete lack of awareness and perhaps the dumbest goalie of all time mixed with a whole lot of luck and a defender being heads up? I don't know. You decide. I've never seen anything like this as someone who has played and watched soccer for damn near 3 decades now. I've seen the goalie accidentally drill someone in the back and have it come back. Sure. But to score the game-winning goal in this fashion? No sir. There's one thing for certain here. The guy who stuck his foot up and got the goal is the most annoying person at practice. He's for sure the dude who never takes a play off and goes balls to the wall while the rest of the team might be a bit hungover or tired. Just constantly clapping and saying shit like 'let's get it going here boys.' As for the goalie? He's a moron. You're judged by end results and there's no result as bad as this. That's on you my dude.