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Major League Baseball Starting The Yankees-Indians Game During a Hurricane Was Maybe The Worst Idea In The History Of Ideas

Anyone with functioning eyes knew to not start the Yankees Indians game tonight when MLB decided to. You don't even have to know how baseball works. Just look at the radar and see there's a goddamn hurricane approaching Cleveland. Red all over the radar, maybe hold off for another 30 minutes. The game was delayed 50 minutes before getting underway just before 8:00.  After a half inning a fucking monsoon came down on Progressive Field. Torrential downpour. Pretty much a legit hurricane. I mean look at the field in the above clip, how do you start this game? What the fuck were they thinking? I almost think they didn't look at the radar once and just went with their gut. Just thought how do we fuck the Yankees? Let Tanaka go out there, have the Indians smack him around for a few batters because his splitter can't move in this rain and then bring the tarp on. Asinine. 

Both pitchers, Tanaka, and Carrasco, might be burned. What a fucking shit show. Fire Rob Manfred into the sun. Major League Baseball will do whatever they can to fuck with the Yankees. God forbid they waited another 30-45 minutes to delay this. Maybe the worst decision in the history of decisions.

Do the right thing and restart the game.