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We Need More Stanley Cup Boat Parades

Granted, there aren't many NHL cities where you could actually have a boat parade. More or less that would mean we just need the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup more often. But what a ridiculously chill way to have a parade. Boats are dope, the Stanley Cup is dope, and the boys are one hundred percent buzzzzzzzzing. 

You think Alex Killorn is staying sober out at sea? Think again. 

You think the Big Rig is staying sober out at sea? Think again. 

Double fisting a couple of Bud Lightnings, heyhowarrrrreya. 

You think Jonny Coops is staying sober out at sea? Not a goddamn chance. Coop is getting after it and he's earned the hell out of it. 

What a beauty. 

And most importantly, you think Stammer is just gonna sit back and casually enjoy his day out on the water? Or do you think the Captain is going to tear it the fuck up?

Boys are getting after it. A day out on the boat is always a good day. But then when you get Lord Stanley involved, it can't get much better than that. 


Have a night, Tampa.