The White Sox STUNK Today

Dallas Keuchel? Awful time to have by far and away his worst start of the season. He wasn't himself; his misses weren't competitive or enticing enough to generate swings on and when he was in the zone he was way too in the zone. Just a brutal start out of him. But he's not the only one who stunk today - Chris Bassit completely worked the Sox lineup. The timely hitting wasn't there. No bueno. But Nick Madrigal? Yeah Nick Madrigal had an awful, awful baseball game today. Huge error that lead to two runs, bad base running and a second error to boot. Not good all around, I don't care that he had a couple of hits or w/e he did offensively. 

Whatever. Tomorrow is do or die. I'm guessing they start Dunning and have a VERY short leash with him before giving way to Crochet, Heuer, Foster and whoever else. The season is on the line and I think the Sox light it up. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited to see Crochet deployed on a national stage. Dude is "drop everything you're doing and watch him pitch" good at throwing baseballs really, really hard. 

See ya'll tomorrow back on the stream with Dallas and Jared.