Does Rapper AY Poyoo Have The GOAT Anthem Of The Year? (YES)

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This morning whilst scrolling Twitter I stumbled upon a video by Ghanaian rapper & comedian AY Poyoo and dare I say, it's the GOAT anthem of the year. His enthusiasm, humor & spot on goat 'maaaaas' made my day and if you're looking for a pick-me-up I suggest watching the music video & this profile by the BBC:

He's catching the attention from artists like Snoop Dogg, who recently popped on one of his live streams to show some love…

…And it didn't go to his head when the video hit 1M views (it now has nearly 1.5M YouTube hits since being uploaded in June). The money he received from that milestone has gone back to his community:

From My Joy Online

Rising rapper AY Poyoo has donated first proceeds he received from YouTube to an orphanage after his hit single ‘Goat’ reached a million views.

Some of the items included water, detergents, bags of rice, toiletries, face masks, bags of sachet water and others.

Sharing the snippets of the donation on YouTube, AY Poyoo said, “I came to celebrate my 1 million views with the orphanage.

“I know where I am coming from and I have been there before, I feel their pains, I came to give this to them they should enjoy it too.”

Hope you stay on the top, Poyoo. You're the GOAT.