Who Smashed Sammy Sosa's Boombox Back in 2004? Ryan Dempster Gives His Thoughts on Pardon My Take

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on World Series Champion and 16-year MLB veteran Ryan Dempster. The former pitcher helped break down this year's baseball postseason, playing with no fans, and an investigative report:  Who smashed Sammy Sosa's boombox 16 years ago?

Mr. Cat: Were you pro or against Kerry Wood smashing Sammy Sosa's boombox?

Ryan Dempster: Kerry Wood smashed Sammy Sosa's boombox?

Mr. Cat: So, you do know the tricks of this question. So, did he?

Ryan Dempster: I'm still trying to figure out who smashed that boombox.

Mr. Cat: You know who smashed it, come on.

Ryan Dempster: I did love when that boombox would play the same song over and over because that usually meany that Sammy was going deep, like that's how the boombox works. If Sammy hit a homer and Kool & The Gang was on before the game, Kool & The Gang was on for a week, and usually Sammy went on a roll there and we were celebrating good times. So, every once in a while, he put on some [inaudible] and it kind of lulled us all to sleep. But that was okay, it was the high energy stuff that we really appreciated. 

Mr. Cat: So, Kerry did smash it, right?

Ryan Dempster: I'm totally unaware, you'd have to speak to Kerry about that. I'll ask around, next time I'm on I'll get back to you on that. 

Mr. Cat: How the hell do we not have definitive proof on who smashed it? Why can't anyone say it?

Luckily for the 2004 Cubs, iPhones weren't really a thing back then. In 2020, you would. never be able to get away with something like this. Hopefully somebody comes clean soon, so that Mr. Cat can get his answer. Anyways, there was NOTHING like Sammy Sosa hopping out. of the batter's box after he smashed a dinger.

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