Welp, This Week's Titans-Steelers Game Has Been Postponed! (UPDATE: Maybe To TUESDAY NIGHT!!!)

So much for the idiot who blogged this puff piece of positivity about an hour ago!

Sheeeeeeeit. Like I said yesterday when the report of these positive tests came out, the NFL schedule is like a Jenga tower and moving any piece can cause both short term as well as long term carnage to the integrity of everything, with COVID-19 ready to unleash chaos like any professional idiot here at Barstool here trying to move a wooden block on Stool Streams.

To be honest, I wouldn't hate a Monday night doubleheader because I always love the overwhelming feeling my brain gets with two football games on a school night despite the fact I haven't gone to school in more than a decade. I doubt ESPN gets to claim any game moved to Monday night, but maybe they can get it this one time so they can throw Booger back in the Boogermobile, get the Swami out from moth balls to announce, and put on some sort of corona shitshow game. That'll show that dickhead virus who's boss!

As the clear fantasy fantasy football Alpha here at Barstool with my first place team in the Barstool Fantasy League that's also first in points and only lost because Liam Gallagher didn't post on Instagram a few weeks ago, I wish I could give advice to people that have Steelers or Titans on their team. 

But everything is such a mish mosh that it's a wait and see approach. If the teams play on Monday, everything is fine. But if the game gets moved back weeks and you start a player with his game TBD, you are just as likely to get a zero from that player since he will have participated in countless collisions equal to car accidents and may not be healthy for whenever this game has ever been played. Did I include all of this in the blog just to flex my fantasy muscles on my coworkers?


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I'm not sure if anybody has ever said this but fuck coronavirus.

UPDATE: It sounds like the game will (hopefully) be played on Monday or Tuesday

I looooooooooove the thought of a Tuesday night game even more since it gives us an extra night of football and would make this legendary sports month of October even better since we'd have an NFL game, the expanded MLB playoffs, and the NBA Finals all in the same night.

Pre-emptive thoughts and responsible prayers to the Barstool Sportsbook house that night (make sure to download the app today if you want to potentially responsibly bet the first ever NFL + MLB Playoff + NBA Finals Parlay). And while I stand by my very hot "fuck coronavirus" take, I will acknowledge that the NFL getting another taste of a Tuesday night game could be a good thing for fans. But still, fuck coronavirus.