Remember That 6-Year-Old Pee Wee Running Back That Was Truck Sticking Kids To Dust? Well He Plays Defense Too And Is A BEAST

So I blogged about this kid a couple of weeks ago after he put on an absolute clinic at the running back position.

I thought Nick Saban could use this kid not only at running back but also on defense since he apparently played DT. Well thanks to Coach Wes, we now have film of him of this grown ass man kid playing D.

Best Chase Down Defenders:

3. Miami LeBron

2. Prime Lawrence Taylor

1. This Kid

The haters will say that a truly elite defender wouldn't allow a running back to make it that far in the open field. My response is that any coach worth his salt from Pop Warner to the NFL knows that you scheme your plays away from the best players. People lie as do numbers (sorry Tiko Texas). But the film never does and these tweets are telling you this kid is the biggest mismatch on a youth football field since a "young" Andy Reid was slinging pigskins a country mile in the Punt, Pass, & Kick competitions.

Little Nicky Saban better get this kid in crimson by the Iron Bowl or he will regret it the rest of his life.