The Dan Snyder Curse Strikes Again: Chase Young Is "Week To Week" With A Moderate Groin Strain


This just sucks so much for Chase. He exploded out of the gate, looked poised for an all time rookie season, and now will be dealing with a nagging groin injury for who knows how long. We all know how groin injuries are in the NFL, those sumbitches LINGER. This could be a 2 week thing or a lingering 8 week thing, it's impossible to say. It sucks for Chase and for the entire WFT.

My hope is they are being extra cautious and sitting him out vs Lamar Jackson because it's not worth the risk of chasing Lamar around the field with a tweaked groin.

And most importantly of all, fuck Dan Snyder. This is his fault and I won't hear any different. It's not just a coincidence that everything bad happens to our our players. It starts with Snyder. I put this 100% on his shoulders.