Start Your Day With Some Playoff Masahiro Tanaka

After taking Game 1 last night the Yankees hand the ball to Masahiro Tanaka, Playoff Tanaka if you will. This majestic man has been nothing but nails during his postseason career with the New York Yankees. 8 starts and a minuscule 1.76 ERA. Playoff Tanaka is another animal you don't wanna fuck with. Tonight he has a chance to end the Cleveland Indians season and send the Yankees to the ALDS. On the flip side if shit hits the fan this could very well be his final start in a Yankees uniform. I don't wanna think about that so let's score 12 more runs and have vintage Masa show up tonight shall we? 

No but for real I don't want to see JA Happ pitching an all deciding Game 3. Last night was dope, but finish this now.