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Bears Wide Receivers Coach Threw Some Shade At Mitch Trubisky Yesterday

Uhhh...ouch. I mean is this true? Probably, yeah. In fact, I would say absolutely. Mitch's back shoulder throws typically end up bouncing off the gatorade coolers on the bench. Just felt like an unnecessary jab. Kicking the guy when he's already down and out. He seems like a nice guy who tries hard. Let him be a backup in peace. Having said that...the idea of back shoulder throws to Allen Robinson and other guys now being in the offense

The offense instantly looked better on Sunday and we owe it all to Nick Foles and his substantial dong. I feel like for the first time we actually get to evaluate what Matt Nagy actually brings to the table. He finally has a QB that understands getting the ball out and can "make all the throws" which includes the back shoulder fade which is the sexiest throw in the game. The offense might actually be competent. That happens like once a decade in Chicago. I am excited about the Bears offense for the first time since Cutler and Brandon Marshall were moving it up and down the field before Marshall decided to blow everything up. Foles is our quarterback. Buy some god damn merch