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Jet-Pack-Wearing Paramedics Cruise Through The Sky On Their Way To Rescue A Damsel In Distress

Well fuck me running. If you can parlay wearing jet pack arms into gettin a little strange, you might as well cut your dick off. Imagine sitting at the bar and telling someone this is your job. 

"What brings ya to the mountainside?"

"Oh. I work here. It was a long day," you say while your 5 o'clock shadow started forming at 5 oclock yesterday.

"Whoa. Slow down, buddy. There's plenty of beer for everyone."

"Listen, pal. Normally Im even keel and easy goin. But when youve seen what Ive seen over the last 23 hours, youd be suckin down a barley pop like it was the last one you'd ever have, too."

"Whatever you say, bub. Im a jet pack paramedic. Ive seen everything. Youre just a lemonade salesman whos actin like a proper cunt." (not offensive in England) 

You thought the dude who had a long day was the jet pack guy? No chance. Every day is great when youre the jet pack guy. Now, bottled lemonade salesman? That's a rough gig especially since ole pink Whitney came on the scene like it was a squirter video.