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Your Job May Suck But At Least You're Not Riley Curry's Designated Gum Holder




First things first, Riley Curry is adorable.  I need her at every Steph Curry press conference going forward for the rest of his career.  She was the star last night.  Hell, I wouldn’t mind if she held press conferences without Steph.  Steph is a good dude but we’re only gonna get canned answers from him.  Riley is a loose cannon.  She’s electric every time she’s up there.  She’s running under curtains, singing Big Sean songs and pissing off every crotchety, old time sports writer within a 5,000 mile radius.  She’s the best.  This part took the cake last night though.  Riley Curry handing her gum to some random employee while Steph answered questions from reporters.  Just like, “Hold this, I’ve got things to do.  I’ll be back.”  You can’t help but wonder what was going through that guy;s mind.  Like, “I went to college for 4 years. Even went to grad school.  Worked my ass off so I could get my dream job which is being here if Steph Curry’s daughter needs a place to put her gum while she runs under curtains.”  Riley Curry FTW.