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Tyler Herro Remembers The Names All 12 Players Erroneously Drafted Ahead Of Him A Year Ago

Before we get into this: Tyler Herro is nasty. He's very good at basketball with a bright future and was a key factor in getting the Celtics the fuck outta here in the Eastern Conference Finals. You can't make fun of anyone anymore without qualifying it first so I'm glad we got that out of the way.

Hey Tyler, quick question: what the fuck are we talking about here, bud? You were a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. You remember all TWELVE (12) of the players selected before you roughly one calendar year ago? What kind of imagined slight is this? I get professional athletes are wired differently than you or me. They create these controversies out of nothing in their own minds to give them the extra motivation they need to reach levels the rest of us mere mortals could only ever dream. But how many more times are we going to hear about this exact chip on the shoulder mindset about getting selected in the proper spot at the time of the draft? Tyler Herro in a redraft of the 2019 class would go somewhere in the 8-13 range. He received the sixth most votes for the All Rookie Teams and ZERO first, second, or third place votes for Rookie of the Year. His own teammate received 92 more votes for Rookie of the Year. Again, I get the competitive mindset is different at this level but can you imagine the New Orleans Pelicans taking Herro over ZION WILLIAMSON? They'd fold the franchise and sell off the building infrastructure piece by piece. What does the Grizzlies future look like with Herro running the show instead of Ja Morant? 

There is no more outrageous "I remember all the names of the people taken ahead of me" example than Jamal Adams' talking like he wasn't taken SIXTH. Nevertheless taken above two franchise quarterbacks the Jets desperately need instead of a safety they've already traded. Josh Rosen's "nine mistakes" comment looks equally absurd considering he's not even on any active roster two years later. The only people I want to hear bring up where they were drafted are like Tom Brady, Isaiah Thomas, Khris Middleton, and Draymond Green. Everyone else can politely shut the fuck up.

If you're a lottery pick in the NBA or a top 10 pick in the NFL you can believe whatever imagined slights you want for motivation, just keep 'em to yourself. Literally everyone believed in you as you were selected over hundreds of people vying for the same job. There wasn't some agenda against you because a handful of other extremely talented athletes heard their names called 20 minutes before you did.