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Mike Leach is Just Blatantly Messing With People Now and It's Beautiful to Behold

All Hail Mike Leach, a man in full. 

You know how you'll see something and say to yourself, "Whoever came up with the idea for that is set for life and living on a tropical island somewhere"? It might be a game, software, a gadget, whatever. But you convince yourself we are all just one great invention from a life of pure leisure in paradise.

Well Mike Leach came up with the Air Raid offense. And he's proof of what you'd really do if you somehow had the spark of divine inspiration to make yourself rich, and it wouldn't necessarily be sipping booze out of a coconut under a palm tree. There's only so much sitting around staring at the ocean you can do. No, if I ever get that kind of juice, I'm going to put it to good use by doing what he does. 

Fuck with people. 

Otherwise, what's the point of having Fuck You money? Witness his press conferences yesterday:

Just weird digressions. Bizarre, stream of consciousness. Long, pointless asides. Disgressions that never circle back to the main topic.  Somewhere between a homeless guy prattling on to himself walking down the sidewalk, a free-style slam poet and a patient describing his dreams to a therapist. But all of it subversive, oratorical genius. 

Imagine if one of the candidates were to go off on a tangent like one of these tonight? He'd either be escorted out of the hall by his medical staff or win every electoral vote. But being the President for four years or the Vice President for eight years doesn't give you the kind of absolute power you get from being the head coach at Mississippi State. So they can't get away with it. Mike Leach can. And does. Messing with reporters' heads is how he chooses to wield that power, and you have to admire him for it. 

It's going to be a hell of a season for him, and for America.