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Jimmy Butler Refuses To Give Out Free Coffee Even If The Heat Win The Title

Now that my pain has mostly subsided, it feels great to be able to enjoy Jimmy Butler again. That was one of the downsides of the ECF, I couldn't root for Jimmy Buckets or the Heat despite them being one of the most entertaining storylines of the entire bubble. I couldn't enjoy the Big Face Coffee stuff, the showing up in Tyler Herro's jersey stuff, everything Bam was doing. But since my Celts shit their pants and blew their opportunity at the Finals, that is all a thing of the past. Now I might be the biggest Heat fan on the planet as they attempt to take down LeBron and the Lakers. Everyone knows I've been a lifelong Heat fan since Sunday night, read a book for me one time. 

Which is why I love this quote from Jimmy Butler. It's the most Jimmy Butler response of all time. You would think that if the Heat win the title that he would celebrate by having his coffee be on the house for his fellow teammates. Well that's where you're wrong. This isn't a joke to Butler, this is a business. It's why he filed for the trademarks. Shame on you for even thinking that would be an option. Honestly I wouldn't have it any other way if I was a teammate. Now is not the time for Jimmy to break character. The thing is, he's 10000% not kidding. Some may see this as Butler just sticking to the bit, but this is just who he is. There is no bit. 

He also talked about his free agency and potentially going to the Lakers

and how they aren't underdogs

and I'm sorry but it's impossible to not love Jimmy Butler right now. He's shown up in the bubble and been exactly what this team needs. All business, no bullshit, shows up in the clutch, supports his teammates, and gives us endless bubble content. I can understand not rooting for him if you're a Lakers fan, but I feel like the rest of the basketball world has to be behind Butler and the Heat. It would be an incredible run if they were able to finish this thing off. Shades of the 2011 Mavs only they don't have the league MVP. 

They are going to have their hands full for sure, but they do have a little team of destiny vibe going on right now and if anyone is going to pull off eliminating LeBron and AD, the Heat have as good a chance as any