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A Teammate of Shaq's Will Play in the NBA Finals for the 37th(!) Consecutive Year

With LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers winning the Western Conference to advance to the NBA Finals, 2020 will be the 37th consecutive season that a teammate of Shaquille O'Neal's will compete for an NBA title.

The streak dates back to 1984, when Greg Kite — who later played with Shaq in Orlando — won an NBA championship with the Celtics. It's pretty remarkable that something like this could last from the Regan administration all the way until now. This stat is way cooler than whatever that six degrees of Kevin Bacon nonsense is.

And with the deal LeBron has made with the devil to keep playing forever, I'd guess this streak has a pretty good shot to at least make it to 40. He'll keep making Finals appearances as long as he wants to keep playing.

I hope this streak goes forever. May Shaq's legacy forever shine as the NBA's eternal flame.