UH OH - Francis Ngannou Now Has Teddy Atlas Showing Him How To Throw Uppercuts

Why the "UH OH" in the headline, Robbie? Well, uhh...how do I put this? Oh I know - because this is fucking TERRIFYING!

Here's what a Francis Ngannou uppercut looks like without any tweaking:

That's just RAW POWER…and now Ngannou has one of the greatest minds in boxing teaching him how to throw a little more 'snap' and technicality into it, Tyson style?! Yiiiiiikes. Pray for Stipe. He ate those wild shots in their first encounter, but can he do it again?!

I'd certainly like to find out! I know there's not much in it for the champ right now (high risk/low reward, he beat Ngannou already), but I really do think Ngannou deserves another crack at the title at this point, and people forget how awesome the first round of their fight at UFC 220 was! If Francis comes with a little more cardio/a bit better takedown defense this time around, we could have a totally different fight on our hands!

Here's some Francis Ngannou KOs to start your day: