Do People Still Say Looking Like A Goddamn Snack? Because Bob Huggins Is Out Here Looking Like A Goddamn Snack

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I can't see too good. Is that Bob Huggins or Don Nelson? 

Noah Graham. Getty Images.

Look at that flow! Look at that weight loss! Well, assuming he's just not wearing a way too large jacket, our guy out here is looking good. And that's important. We need to protect Bob Huggins at all times. He's a legend in the college hoops world, he's a Stoolie and more importantly he's a content machine. The man has fully embraced himself since he went back home to West Virginia. 

And let's be honest, I'm thinking it. You're thinking it. Huggy needs to turn that hair into a mullet. Just embrace it man. Track suit, stool on the sidelines, mullet. There would be absolutely no better look in all of college hoops than if he pulls that off. Look good, feel good, coach good. The Bob Huggins motto for 2020.