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Drinking Out Of The Cup Will Never In A Million Years Get Old

There are a lot of great beers in life. That Friday afternoon week is over beer. A Saturday just finished up everything I needed to do around the house and now it's time to sit down and watch college football for the rest of the day beer. A summer Saturday just got back from the beach and now your rinsing off in the outdoor shower beer. 

Lotta fantastic beers that for the majority, we all get to experience at some point in our life. But it just so happens that quite possibly the greatest beer one could ever have the chance of crushing also happens to be one of the most exclusive. The "holy fuck, boys, we just won the Stanley Cup and now we're drinking out of it" beer. And it'll never get old seeing these fellas get #InOne immediately after winning the hardest trophy in sports to win, and getting absolutely annihilated in the locker room with Lord Stanley. 

It's as if they knew exactly what they were doing when they first designed the Cup back 1893. They knew that the boys were going to be buzzing as soon as they got their hands on this beauty, and that they'd immediately need something to fire up the party. So they made it into a bowl that has the capacity of holding 14 cold ones. And ever since then, it's been the greatest beer known to man that gets to be shared by a group of savages who went out and did the damn thing. A tradition like no other. 

The best. 

P.S. - Who was getting roasted for having syphilis in that video? All-time ricochet shot there. 

P.P.S. - Great to see Stammer totally obliterated. This man has earned it.