If NHL Players Can Drink Out Of The Stanley Cup Why The Hell Can't Baseball Have Champagne/Beer Celebrations In The Postseason?

Last night the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup and carried on with hands down the best celebratory tradition in sports, drinking out of the Lord Stanley's Cup. 

I'm sure there were people who lost their minds seeing this because of covid, but realize these guys have been quarantined in a bubble in Canada for months. They could not possibly be more safe. I'm not so sure they know what the sun looks like anymore. They deserved to celebrate and let loose after winning the Stanley Cup. It was great to see. 

My thinking here now shifts to my one true love, baseball. Shockingly we've made it to the postseason. After a shortened regular season that saw the Marlins sit out two weeks, countless 7 inning double headers, and the Cardinals not playing a full 60 games, we're here. 16 teams now have a fighting chance to win the World Series. It may gone down as the hardest World Series ever won given the circumstances. Whoever comes out on top will surely be deserving of a vintage baseball champagne celebration. Or will they? 

As I wrote about two weeks ago, Major League Baseball decided to ban champagne/beer celebrations for the postseason. Why? I haven't the slightest clue.  

This year has been full of idiotic decisions made by Rob Manfred, but this might take the cake. How are you gonna tell me hockey players can drink out of the Stanley Cup and celebrate in the locker room getting hammered, but baseball players can't pop some bottles and spray each other in the face? It makes zero sense. Zero point zero. 

Over the last week of the regular season all of the teams quarantined themselves in hotels. They were not permitted to go home and be with their families. They packed for their potential October travel and accepted they wouldn't come back until they were either eliminated or crowned champions. The ALDS, NLDS, ALCS, NLCS, and World Series rounds will be held in a bubble-type environment in California and Texas. They are literally bubbling up! Why the fuck does popping champagne and beer have to be banned??? That's the deal breaker? I mean come on guys, what the fuck are we doing? 

My hope is that whoever wins it all sneaks the bubbly and beer in anyways and goes nuts. What's baseball going to do? Fine them? Ownership happily pays that fine in that instance. 

Let the boys celebrate. Let the postseason begin.