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Would It Surprise Anyone If RA Was Smuggled Into The Bubble For The Cup Celebration?

Rear Admiral is the host of the Spittin' Chiclets podcast. He is also one of the most interesting dudes on the planet. Guy is straight out of a movie. I have never met someone in my life that has got themselves into crazier situations than RA does on a yearly basis. Wind this guy up and let him start going and he could probably tell you what every NHL player has drank out of the Cup for the last 20 years or so and half of the time its because he is there. 

A lot of people may not know this, but Rear Admiral is infamous for sneaking into Cup celebrations. He partied with the Lightning last time they won the Cup actually. He was even in the opposing locker room partying with Chris Chelios and the Red Wings when Whitney and the Penguins lost to them in 2008. So moral of the story is that every few years, RA someone finds his way into a Cup celebration.

Luckily, we can record Chiclets anywhere. Podcasting in 2020 has become so easy. So would it surprise me in the slightest if RA was podcast from a hotel room in Edmonton because he knows a guy, who knows a guy who could sneak him into the bubble for the Cup celebration? Not at all. Wouldn't put it past me one bit.