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Andy Reid Has Ripped Out John Harbaugh's Spine Through The Front Of His Chest On National Television

You've got the Chiefs this week. You know you have to try and slow down the best quarterback in the League. You know he has a new first round running back who can run between the tackles and also can make plenty of plays as a receiver out of the backfield. There's a top two tight end on the field, you can't forget about him. Tyreek Hill is the fastest man in football, good luck trying to stop that. And if you get all those boxes checked, Mecole Hardman, Sammy Watkins, and Demarcus Robinson are probably running free. And if somehow they're all covered, Anthony Sherman might sneak open. AND EVEN IF HE'S COVERED, THEY'LL JUST THROW A FUCKING TIGHT END POP PASS TO THEIR LEFT TACKLE FOR A TOUCHDOWN. 

What's the point? Is there even a God? No God would allow this to happen to John Harbaugh. This is just cruel. What point is Andy Reid out to prove? Is Eric Bieniemy that fed up with being overlooked for his own head coaching job that he decided to take it out on the Ravens on national television for the whole country to see? We get it already, take your foot off their throat. Wave the white flag, Harbaugh. WAVE THE FLAG!!