A Bronx Tale Was Released 27 Years Ago Today... The Best Scenes From One Of The Most Underrated Movies Ever

Nostalgia... and yes I'll show you without revealing spoilers but if you haven't seen it, you need to get the fuck on it ASAP. I've said personally it's my favorite movie ever made. 

Many don't know it was Robert DeNiro's directorial debut. Also if I can add once the fuckin virus is over, go watch the play Chazz Palminteri does, its tremendous.

I'll be real, I still use this method today:

Then there's this wild method from Crazy Mario. Make sure it's one of "them big fuckin 18 wheelers" 

Also in celebration of the Yankees in the playoffs… Sonny tells young C about how the Yankees don't mean shit 

One of the great story lines of the movie is C throughout his life being pulled in two different directions As a kid this is a short scene but poignant obviously in the movie and what happened to older C in real life:

I know there's scenes for fuckin days in this movie but this is king… "Look at me! I'm the one who did this to you! Remember me.