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Andy Reid Is An Absolute Mad Man

Andy Reid is beloved on this website and the rest of the internet for just being himself to the point where it gets overlooked how much of an offensive savant he has always been. The misdirect screen he drew up to get Kelce a first down on the same drive as the play above. This quad stack picture below that didn't even work but looked cool as fuck and will almost certainly work in the future.

But this touchdown is fucking preposterous. Truly psychopathic mad scientist shit in the form of a seemingly jovial football coach. You have the best quarterback in the League under center, with the fastest receiver in the world lined up in the backfield, all to run a speed action to the right and have your FULLBACK (who lined up as a tight end) come off his block, open up back left and waltz in for a touchdown. That touchdown pass by the way? A perfectly throw underhanded spiral. What a defense is even supposed to do here? Not a clue. You prepare for a million different scenarios and then he throws this shit at you and you wonder why you even bothered breaking down film in the first place.

I wrote it in February but I'm happy Reid finally got over the hump and hoisted his first Lombardi. He was always too good to have his whole career boiled down to poor clock management in big moments.  Now we can just enjoy these insane play designs without having to give him the Mike D'Antoni qualifier.