The bar/restaurant/entertainment industries have taken a beating from Corona. It's a weird gray area - those businesses are a huge part of the economy, but at the same time not exactly *necessary*, for lack of a better word. I mean they are - but I myself don't NEED to be trying to pluck a 6 that's walking out of the door at 1:30am as the lights go on. I mean yeah, I love that, but at the same time I can get by without it. 

The problem is is that so many people depend on assholes like you and me spending money at their establishments to stay alive. To them, that industry is extremely necessary. Their entire livelihoods in fact. The covid regulations that have been put on them have gutted the industry from the inside out, and as someone with a lot of friends in that industry, it hurts to see them struggling. With these new hours and capacity rules, they'll be making a little bit more money. I love that and you should love that too. 

This is a great step in the right direction, but we're not out of the woods yet. If you're feeling remotely sick, stay the fuck home. Have proper hygiene. Wear a mask when necessary*. All of that shit. Those simple baby steps will get us all back to packing bars, restaurants, theaters, and stadiums hopefully sooner than later. That said, this is great news and news that will get people pumped up, but the fat lady just ain't singing quite yet. 

*The mask debate is the dumbest fucking thing of all time. I don't know if they actually help stop the spread this fucking pain in the ass virus or not, but who gives a fuck. Wearing a mask while grocery shopping or going from a table to take a piss at a bar is the least annoying thing of all time. It is zero hinderance to anyone.  But if there's a .00000001% chance they help bring back normal life .00000001 seconds faster, then wear the goddamn mask. Who gives a shit.