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The Blockbuster Movie of 2020 Is Dan Crenshaw's Campaign Commercial

Texas Monthly - On Thursday night, Houston Republican Dan Crenshaw shared a new campaign ad, featuring himself and five other GOP congressional candidates in what his YouTube page humbly described as the “greatest joint campaign ad in history.” Describing the three-and-a-half-minute spot as an “ad” almost misidentifies it, though. It’s not a campaign advertisement in the traditional sense, as those often identify the candidates’ policies, or at least describe the policies of their opponents. There’s no call to action in the video, or even details on when the election is and why, specifically, you should vote for the candidates who appear.

No, what Crenshaw and friends have created is … art? A short film, anyway, stylized like an action movie trailer (for a film called Texas Reloaded, which the candidates seem like they would have a lot of fun making), and intended to introduce the team to voters as superheroically as possible.

Are you fuckin kidding me with that video/commercial? 

Michael Bay eat your heart out. 

Dan Crenshaw and co. touched on everything in this, all while being lighthearted and self-aware, which is sort of comforting in times like this.

The eye patch? 


We all remember when Chaps' boy Pete Davidson said he looked "like a hitman in a porno film", and Crenshaw later appeared on SNL to make light of it. 

Crenshaw cuts right to the chase in this, lifting his eye patch to reveal a bionic eye in place of the one he lost to an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan.

Jumping out of a plane and parachuting to meetup with the challenger candidate in the district next to his? 


Apache helicopters?


Hand to hand close combat scene?


Monster explosion scene with the main characters walking away valiantly?


Director Jerrod Taylor, take a bow my friend. This is the kind of campaign commercial I'm not screaming at and throwing my remote through the tv over. Hopefully this sets the bar for pols around the rest of the country.