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Grayson Allen Thinks He's The Most Hated Duke Player Ever Because His Friends Would Annoy Him By Sending Memes All Day Of Him Tripping People

[Source] - “The only reason I would say myself is because of social media,” Allen said. “I became a meme for months. I had friends sending me all these videos for months. I wasn’t on Twitter at all. I had friends sending me these videos and thought it was funny. They would photoshop me lying on the ground with my leg up and just sliding through all these different videos tripping random people. It’s really funny now but at the time, I was so annoyed by it.”

No, Grayson. You aren't the most hated player at Duke because of social media, it's because you're a dickhead. You were a crying, tripping, whining dickhead that had an 'indefinite suspension' last 1 game because Coach K is soft as shit and realized he needed you to succeed. That had nothing to do with Twitter, although I love his friends sending memes. Those are just good friends and I'm willing to look past the part of them willingly hanging out with Grayson in order to be friends with them too. If you piss off Grayson, you are a friend of mine. Just a rule I live by. 

Oh and it's because you did shit like this over and over again while we had to listen to K and Grayson talk about how he's grown from this and learned: 

He's an asshole plain and simple. Stop with the whole 'do you know how hard it was to wake up and turn on ESPN and see 20 minutes of them talking about me.' Uhh yeah dude, you were hitting people in the nuts and tripping people while freaking out on the bench. You could have easily you know, not done that. You could have just been the white dude who could dunk and saved Duke against Wisconsin. You created your own story at Duke by being the ultimate dickhead. I actually wish he was at Duke forever. I hated that they had Zion and that crew. They were too cool for Duke. Him and Coach K there together were the perfect duo for America to hate – except those from NJ/NY who are also Yankees and Cowboys fans and have no idea that Duke is actually in North Carolina.

The most hated Duke players of all time:

5. Danny Ferry

4. Wojo

3. JJ Redick

2. Christian Laettner

1. Grayson Allen