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Heat Fans Went Nuts Celebrating In The Streets Of Miami And Setting Off Fireworks (Bonus: Jimmy Butler's A+ Celebration Move)

This is actually shocking. I had no idea Heat fans would actually celebrate making the NBA Finals, or even the fact that there are Heat fans who knew this was happening. It's a running joke but it's also just true. People in Miami don't care about sports. There's way too much going on to sit at a Heat game for a few hours a night. It's why the scene of them leaving early against the Spurs before Ray Allen's ridiculous three is a perfect image for Heat fans. 

But this Heat team? I can see people in Miami backing this team. They weren't put together like the LeBron shit with free agent signings and openly admitting to tampering during Olympics and being friends. No, no. This was put together by the Godfather Pat Riley and the draft. They made some smart signings/trades with guys like Dragic, getting rid of Whiteside so Bam could run center and obviously Jimmy Butler. But no one looked at this Heat team to start the year and said title team. 

Back to the celebration, the question is is this too much for winning the Eastern Conference Finals? Hell no. Celebrating shit is awesome. I don't care if it's bubble play, I said from the get go there would be no asterisk on this. It's actually tougher for the better teams because you don't get home court advantage. You're just playing hoops. The Heat were clearly the best team in the East over the last month. Not even a debate. 

Oh and how did the Heat celebrate? Jimmy Butler rocked a Spo college jersey while they listened to Regulators: 

Spo was the real MVP of the series. He coached laps around Brad Stevens. He put the Heat in the perfect position each time, managing the rotation, sending out different closing lineups, putting Bam in the spot to drop 30 and 10. But really this is about Jimmy Butler just being the guy for the Heat. He's embraced it and more importantly the Heat embraced him. It's paying off. Also Spo was a damn good player - he won WCC Freshman of the Year.