Wake Up With Hello


This isn't just Oasis week, it's more specifically "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" week. Why? Because WTSMG was released 25 years ago this week, with its anniversary coming up on Friday, the 2nd of October. It is one of my 5 favorite albums of all time, and includes the mainstream hits like Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, and Don't Look Back In Anger. It's easily one of the best rock albums ever put out, and I swear if you're a fan of songs in general but have never listened to Oasis, put this album on and listen front to back, it'll change your life. 

So wanted to start with "Hello", which is also the song Liam is going to start his new tour with, whenever that may be. It includes one of my favorite Oasis lyrics 

Nobody ever mentions the weather
Can make or break your day
Nobody ever seems to remember
Life is a game we play


Nice weather today, have yourself a good Monday.