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Do You Believe In Miracles? Spider Wins 10k After Wild Ride On Risk Free Bet Via Dave

Back in 2018, the Fordham Pussy Patrol was just Tommy Smokes and I. Spider applied for the office manager role with Brett and after a short internship, he was brought on full time. It's been over 2 years since Spider made the FPP a 3-man squad, but today was his apex.

At 2:30, Spider was sending texts left and right to Barstool employees asking for a pick in the 4:00 slate after Dave asked for a play. Every Barstool's employee's worst nightmare is giving Dave a losing play. He decided upon Bucs/Broncos u42.5. Little did he know this bet was going to involve him as well.

The start to Spider's bet? NOT great. 33 points in the 1st half. Heading into halftime, Spider only had 9.5 points to work with. Karim texted me during half, " and spider depressed af in the house. Everyone left. This is just pain."

Thanks to being great friends with Spider, I am in a few group chats with him that were buzzing. They all told Spider to keep faith even after the 33 point quarter. How serious they were about that? Who knows.

The 2nd half did not start out well. 

35 points. Only 7.5 points to spare with over 25 minutes left in the game. The over had a 93% chance of hitting.

We could go through play by play for what happened over the rest of the game, but long story short, Spider cashed his bet. The play that pretty much sealed it was Brett Rypien's INT in the 4th:

Only 5 points scored in 2nd half! F-i-v-e!

In his celebratory call with Dave, Spider was given the opportunity to go double-or-nothing (actually not nothing, a $2k guaranteed) for a chance to leave Philly with 20k.

At first, it seemed like Spider was going to take Dave's proposition.

Annnddddd then he decided not to do it.

Did he make the right decision? I texted him to let it ride just so he could have yet another electric stream, but it was a win-win situation. He leaves with 10k and one of the most electric speeches of Barstool's 2020.

Another one of those wild days at Barstool Sports. It's just such a crazy combination of personalities that Dave puts in all the right opportunities that produce pure electricity for everyone to see.

If you were on Twitter, you saw the outpouring of happiness for Spider. That's because he may be the most liked guy in the office by his fellow employees. From Big Cat to the intern that started last week, everyone is grateful for Spider and everybody was hyped that today was his day.