Put The Wilpons In The Books!

To all the Mets fans struggling through another lifeless NFL Sunday rooting for one of the shitty metropolitan New York Football teams, here is a brief nugget of happiness for you. The Wilpons just completed their last game as majority owners of the New York Mets. The Mets may have gotten their dicks kicked in during that last game, finished dead last in the NL East, and missed the playoffs in a season where it was harder to miss the playoffs than make them. Which is fine. You know why? Because Uncle Stevie is coming, the season is fraudulent anyway. 

Even if God forbid something happens with Steve Cohen's bid, I honestly don't think the Wilpons could even keep the Mets because I feel like they would just lose everything they own like someone hitting the Bankrupt space in Wheel of Fortune considering all the debt they have. So for a little while, put behind all the heartache that comes any given every single Sunday and dream of actually having a competent, competitive big market team run by people with brains that actually take advantage of said big market. And if you are a Mets fan whose heart belongs to the Buffalo Bills, I sincerely hope you enjoy your good football team and 10 foot tall quarterback. See you guys in Cohen's Corner early and often next season. 

Now let the fun begin!

We deserve this. All of us.