The Falcons Are Still An Utter Embarrassment


That kind of shit can only happen to the Falcons. This is what they exist for. To be a punchline. They were put in the NFL for the sole purpose of fulfilling the joy of other fanbases. Up 20-0 after the first quarter. 29-10 at halftime. 39-24 with 7:57 left in the fourth quarter. 39-30 with the ball with 4:57 left in the game. 39-37 with 1:49 left and you wait for the onside kick to travel 10 yards before you make a move on it. Unfathomable choke job that only the Falcons, with their years of experience, could pull off. No one else walks out of Jerry World with a loss under these circumstances. Only the Atlanta Falcons. 

And then TODAY they take a 26-10 lead into the fourth quarter against the Bears. They knock out Mitch Trubisky. They give up the lead, get the ball back, and immediately throw a terrible interception. They promptly lose to Nick Foles. How do you give up 20 points in the fourth quarter a week after giving up 16 points in the fourth quarter? It's genuinely unfathomable. This kind of shit simply does not happen to other franchises. Not the Lions. Not the Browns. Not the Jets. Nobody. This is unique to Atlanta and Atlanta only and absolutely nothing can change this about them.

PS - The Falcons are single-handedly keeping the Win Probability nerds in business. No one makes 99% win probabilities go viral for choking them away more than the Atlanta Falcons. It's a meaningless stat you never see unless a team chokes and boy oh boy do the Falcons have expertise in this field.