Trysten Hill Did Typical Scumbag Cowboys Things By Trying To Rip Chris Carson's Leg Off







I mean he tried to rip his entire leg off. What a scumbag move. I guess that's what happens when you put on that Dallas star, you turn directly into a scumbag. All the rules go out the window, you just try to rip a man's leg off his body like it's another day in the neighborhood. Will this be when Goodell stands up, polishes his balls, and makes a stand? Shows that he loves and protects not just the shield but those who play under it? Of course not. He won't go against Jerry. 

But it's ok. They can cheat and lie and steal all they want. Because at the end of the day, who is in first place in the NFC East?



Your Washington Football Team. Suck it Dallas.


How many wins takes this division by the way? Week 17 is going to be fun when it's like "win and take the division, lose and get a top 5 pick". I love our chances for both.