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These Refs That Just Changed The Kentucky Game By Not Knowing What A Touchdown Is Need To Be Fired And Investigated For Cheating

How do we feel? Like you are fucking cheating for Auburn. That's how I feel. The fact that your piece of shit refs just changed the outcome of the Kentucky game, not once but after a review too. What am I talking about? This:

Oh wait that was the second touchdown. THIS: 

What the fuck? I guess being 3 yards in the end zone isn't good enough because there are only two calls here. Either his knee is down at the 2 (it wasn't) or it's a touchdown. You reviewed this and still got it wrong. Fuck you. The SEC is so scared of Kentucky being good they call this shit wrong. They just changed the game and instead of being up 14-8 and getting the ball it's 8-7. Just a laughably wrong decision. 

PS: Clear targeting that never should have happened because the refs got the call wrong