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VP Nominee Kamala Harris Confirms That Tupac Is Alive

Just as we suspected when we talked about this on Dogwalk.

Tupac is alive. Kamala Harris is a powerful person from California. She runs in the type of high circles in California that would know the truth about Tupac. She knows all about the cremator who just up and vanished after he said a 6’3 linebacker body was actually the 5’10 170lbs Tupac.

This is one of the key things I want out of an elected official in a high office…spill your guts on secrets. Tell me about aliens. Tell me about JFK. Tell me about all the conspiracy theories like Tupac and who killed Epstein and I’ll strongly consider voting for you. Publish America’s book of secrets. All politicians lie. If you’re going to lie about things going on in the present at least tell the truth about things in the past.