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ANNOUNCEMENT: Fore Play vs Jake Owen, Darius Rucker, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy This Tuesday

We're back baby. Me and the Scramble Boys (1-0) will take on -- also playing as a 4-man scramble -- Jake Owen, Darius Rucker, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy in Nashville. We'll be live on IG throughout the day and we'll also film every shot and release a feature-length video on Barstool and YouTube.

This means a lot to Jake. He's trying to raise money for his foundation, which does great work for great causes, but it's tough with COVID. Can't do concerts, events, shows. He's a competitive savage so he said, "Fine, I want to dust you guys, and I want to do it raising money." So you folks can buy t-shirts or bid on the auction items to help, get involved, and raise money for a great cause.

Get involved here.

The handicaps are roughly as follows.

Fore Play: Lurch (4), Riggs (5), Frankie (9), Trent (25).

Music Boys: Jake (2), Darius (8), Hardy (10), Morgan (15).

Who do you like?